Community-Giving Back

TeamSmile Charlotte

TeamSmile is an amazing operation that teams up pro sports teams, their local dental community, and kids in need of dental work in an experience that rivals any trip to the dentist in history. Usually set up in the stadium, this one-day event involves dental treatment and education for hundreds of kids. A DJ sets the tone for a fun and exciting atmosphere while team mascots, team cheerleaders, and the kids’ favorite players all make appearances as well, creating a lasting impact on these kids by helping them overcome their dental fears. 

Drs. Meg and Matt and Matt’s dentist little brother Adrian, all avid sports fans, who obviously are fans of dentistry as well, thought it was a no-brainer and worked diligently to bring it to Charlotte. After a year and a half of work and meeting some great people, the dream came to fruition and the first annual TeamSmile Carolina Panthers event took place. The golf-outing fundraiser for TeamSmile 2015 has already been set up and hopefully this year’s event will be even more successful.