Our Office

A lot of time, love, creativity, and caffeine went into designing and creating your orthodontic office. Drs. Meg and Matt really wanted to infuse their personalities into the overall vibe: energetic, fun, active, unique, and mildly crazy (to name a few descriptors). “Just another trip to the dentist” was NOT what we had in mind.

Our patients know immediately from their treatment experience that they are receiving cutting-edge orthodontic care, but often, there is an entire entourage accompanying that patient to every appointment, and we feel strongly that their experience should be just as thrilling. Therefore, in our waiting room, you will find a cutting-edge interactive Starbucks coffee machine, fresh-baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies (all day long), iPad stands for video-gaming and web-searching, and Smart HD-TV’s on every wall. You will also see the ‘Smile On’ wall-of-fame, on which we hope to have your after-treatment picture starring one day.

Our clinic area, designed in the modern-day-spa-meets-spaceship style, was set-up for efficient energy flow, fun, and patient comfort.  An up-beat eclectic playlist will be jammin’ all day long (and yes, we take requests) and we do not discourage dancing, singing, or air-guitaring as long as we are able to do our work. So, kick back, relax, and watch the flat-screen TV in the ceiling above your chair while we enhance your smile.