Our Treatment Options
ToothAt Lineberger Orthodontics, we offer several proven treatment options. We start with a personal and thorough examination and we then develop a plan that is right for your specific needs. The list below details some of the options that we offer.

DamonSmileThe Damon SystemThe days of getting your braces “tightened” are over at Lineberger Orthodontics. Our self-ligating braces (both CLEAR and METAL), and NASA developed wires do not need to be ‘tied in’ the old-school way, making the colored ties unnecessary and resulting in less plaque accumulation and less visible appliances. Of course, we do realize that accessorizing is extremely crucial in today’s world, so if you want a screaming-pink and ninja-turtle-green combo, we will happily give it to you.

The beauty of these cutting edge braces is that forces on your teeth are kept extremely light, resulting in biologically friendly tooth movement and BIG, healthy smiles. The fact that you will have shorter, more comfortable, and less frequent appointments is just the locally-grown organic cherry on top.