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You are never too old to fix your smile! At Lineberger Orthodontics, Dr. Matt Lineberger, Dr. Megan Lineberger, Dr. Claire Fedore and Dr. Bhaven Sayania, offer adult braces for men and women in Charlotte, Elizabeth, Huntersville and surrounding communities in North Carolina.

About Adult Orthodontics at L.O

We have designed and built an entire section of our Smile Shop to service our amazing, adult patients. Screaming kids watching cartoons on the flat screen will be a distant orthodontic memory as you are transported into a more sophisticated experience.

That world gets even better: With interest-free financing options and no-downpayment required, you’ll be getting treatment from creative and innovative Top 1% Elite Invisalign doctors who believe everyone is an Invisalign candidate – or braces, your choice.

We offer early morning and after-work appointments with very little waiting time. In fact, if you wait 10 minutes past your appointment time, you will receive a $10 gift card for your troubles.

Your time is ridiculously, extremely, supremely important to us. Which is why your time with us special. We offer unlimited Starbucks coffee, selections from local breweries, mimosas, snacks; cushy, noise-canceling Beats headphones hooked up through Bluetooth technology to your own personal Apple TV and flat screen in the ceiling while we take care of your grill.

Adult Braces in Charlotte, NC

What are Adult Braces?

You may have given up on having a stunning smile years ago, but we haven’t! At L.O., we work with adults who decide to fix their toothy grins well after their teen years. Although you may not suffer from the same social anxieties you experienced in your teens, getting braces as an adult can be intimidating. We are here to help. L.O. works closely with our adult patients to provide the encouragement to keep going, and we love to celebrate your successes!

What are the Benefits of Braces for Adults?

  • Give yourself the smile you deserve
  • Prevent oral health complications in the future
  • May help reduce tooth loss and gum disease in the future
  • Several styles to fit your personality and comfort level

How Do Adult Braces Work?

Adult braces work similar to what you may have used in your teenage years. You may have some dental concerns we need to coordinate with your dentist, but the process is basically the same. A combination of wires, brackets, bands and other devices are placed on your teeth. These are adjusted periodically to move your teeth into a new position. L.O. offers:

What Can Be Corrected with Braces for Adults?

Adult braces offer the greatest level of customization, so they can be used for any type of orthodontic problem.

What Should I Expect from Adult Braces?

We always consider your comfort level with wearing braces for adults, as well as your lifestyle. Wearing braces may feel awkward at first, but you get used to them very quickly. You will be surprised how much support you receive from friends and family when they discover you decided to get adult braces.

How Much Do Braces for Adults Cost?

L.O. takes pride in making braces for adults affordable in every case. We use a tiered treatment approach, based on what you can afford each month. We also offer in-house financing.

Does Insurance Cover Adult Braces?

Most dental insurance policies have a lifetime orthodontic benefit, and we verify your coverage during your first appointment.

You deserve a stunning, healthy smile. Lineberger Orthodontics offers adult braces for men and women in Charlotte, Elizabeth, Huntersville and surrounding communities in North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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