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A brilliant example of a modern-day working mother. Doc Meggy’s passion for enhancing smiles and the lives of her offspring results in a balancing act rarely seen outside of gold-medal Olympic gymnasts.

She is completely driven to keep learning, improving, and evolving as an orthodontist and person, and while somewhat exhausting to watch, this quality gives her friends, patients, and patient-friends a confidence that the care they receive from her is undoubtedly cutting-edge and top-notch. She also successfully puts up with Dr. Matt. Poor woman ;).

Want to Know More About Dr. Meg?

  • Avid sports fan (Michigan Football, UNC Basketball, Panthers and Hornets)
  • Expert skier, floats across the fresh pow pow like her skis are on clouds; effortless, silky, smooth
  • Along w/ skydiving, she has also bungee-jumped off a super tall bridge in Switzerland

Academics & Training

  • The pride and joy of Fenton High School, aside from her studies, she excelled at Basketball, Softball, and Social Butterflying
  • Purdue University was her college of choice, majored in Health Sciences, minored in Psychology and Big 10 tailgating. BOILER UP!
  • Shes soooooo worldy! Doc Meggy ventured abroad for a semester to the prestigious Oriel College at the University of Oxford in England
  • University of Michigan landed this sought-after dental draft pick as a member of the class of 2008
  • When she saw how much fun Matt was having, she decided to enroll herself a year later with him at University of Michigan Orthodontics
  • After she graduated at the top of her class with honors, she decided to begin her career as a general dentist and support her income-less orthodontic resident husband.

Fancy Awards, Accolades, and Superhard to Understand Publications She Has Authored

  • Produced a 87-page rich and supple leather bound thesis with the world famous orthodontist Dr. James McNamara to complete her Masters’ degree
  • First Author in the European Journal of Orthodontics publication with: Three-Dimensional Digital Cast Analysis of the Effects Produced by a Passive Self-Ligating System (Fancy, eh?)
  • American Board of Orthodontics Certified orthodontist
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