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Orthodontic treatment may seem like a life experience to avoid, but our treatments address many common problems, and we can help you keep your teeth healthy and happy. At Lineberger Orthodontics, Dr. Matt Lineberger, Dr. Megan Lineberger, Dr. Claire Fedore and Dr. Bhaven Sayania, offer orthodontic treatments for the residents of Charlotte, Elizabeth, Huntersville and surrounding communities in North Carolina.

How Does Orthodontic Treatment Help with Gingivitis?

Yes, your smile shows your unique charm, but it can also lead to some pretty serious problems in the future. No, we don’t mean in your social life specifically. That crooked smile could turn into a toothless grin if you don’t fix the gaps, bite problems and misaligned teeth. How can that happen? Gingivitis, more commonly known as “gum disease.” All those little crevices and open areas are perfect hiding places for bacteria to live and multiply. Even if you have regular dental cleanings and have the best brushing and flossing habits, over time, the bacteria penetrate your gums, eventually destroying the bone. The result is tooth loss.

Common Problems in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

What are Jaw & Teeth Misalignments?

It’s true orthodontic treatments help with crooked teeth, but you may also have a misalignment of your teeth and jaw. This means your bite is a little unusual. You may experience aching, have difficulty chewing your food properly and even struggle a bit to speak clearly. All these problems can be resolved with our orthodontic treatments.

What are the Most Common Bite Problems Fixed with Orthodontics?

  • Too many teeth (overcrowding)
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Front teeth sticking out a bit (overjet)
  • Upper teeth covering the lower teeth when biting down (overbite)
  • Lower teeth in front of the upper teeth when biting down (underbite or crossbite)
  • Upper and lower teeth that don’t meet when biting down (open bite)

Does Orthodontic Treatment Help with Thumb Sucking?

Thumb sucking cannot be treated with orthodontics, but the damage to the teeth and jaw can be corrected. Many parents are not aware that thumb sucking interferes with proper jaw and tooth development. The problems usually start after age five, but the front teeth may develop improperly before that time. The most common problems caused by thumb sucking are:

  • Crossbite
  • Lower front teeth angling inward
  • Upper front teeth protruding outward
  • Open bite

Now that you know the common problems remedied with orthodontics, we know you are even more excited about treatment. Lineberger Orthodontics offers orthodontic treatments for the residents of Charlotte, Elizabeth, Huntersville and surrounding communities in North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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