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Our Invisalign® FAQ answers some of the most common questions we receive from parents, teenagers and others who are curious about Invisalign®. At Lineberger Orthodontics, Dr. Matt Lineberger, Dr. Megan Lineberger, Dr. Claire Fedore and Dr. Bhaven Sayania, offer Invisalign® for the residents of Charlotte, Elizabeth, Huntersville and surrounding communities in North Carolina.

Is Invisalign® Right for Me?

Yes! Even if you have been turned away by other Invisalign® providers, chances are good that we can customize an Invisalign® treatment to your needs. Invisalign® is most often used for overbites, underbites, gaps, open bites and other common problems, but we have developed unique techniques that allow more patients to take advantage of clear braces.

What is the Procedure for Invisalign®?

Have you ever had a mold taken of your teeth? You know…that procedure where a tray is filled with a bunch of goop and pushed up against your teeth? Well, that’s not the procedure for Invisalign®! Not only are the aligners innovative, but so is the process by which the aligners are made. We use sophisticated, super cool 3D technology to map your teeth. The images are used to create your own personal series of aligners. It’s a pretty impressive process to watch!

Can I Use Invisalign® If I Had Braces in the Past?

Absolutely. Did you stop wearing your retainer? Was your orthodontic treatment as a teenager cut short because of your budding social life? Have you had a tooth extracted, and now your other teeth have shifted? Life throws a lot of things our way, and you can always use Invisalign® to improve your smile.

What Cannot Be Treated with Invisalign®?

Our track record with Invisalign® makes the list of what cannot be done pretty short. If you have dental implants, crowns or dentures, you may not be a good candidate for any type of orthodontic treatment.

What is the Difference Between Adult Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen?

Very little. The primary difference is that adolescent teeth may still be developing, and adult teeth are more settled in position. But when it comes to Invisalign® for adults and teens, there is very little difference.

How Do I Brush My Teeth with Invisalign®?

Easy, easy, easy. Remove your Invisalign® aligners, place them someplace safe and brush and floss your teeth. That’s it.

What Foods Should I Avoid with Invisalign®?

You can eat anything you want during your Invisalign® treatment period, but you do need to remove the aligners when you eat sticky, gooey or hard foods. You should also remove the aligners when you eat popcorn, strawberries and other foods with small particles or seeds. Getting these stuck under the aligner may cause irritation to your gums. Ouch!

How Do I Take Care of Invisalign® Aligners?

No one likes smelly, dirty orthodontic aligners, so you will need to do some maintenance with Invisalign®. Each time you brush your teeth — and that should be two to three times a day (hint, hint) — rinse them off and use a soft toothbrush to gently remove any plaque or food particles. We also recommend soaking your aligners using a denture soak or special cleaning solution made for Invisalign® aligners.

What If I Lose or Break One of My Invisalign® Aligners?

Well, you will have a semi-improved smile. Just kidding. If you lose or break one of your aligners, schedule an appointment at our office. We will map your teeth using the same 3D technology and get a replacement aligner. In some cases, we do recommend our patients simply move on to the next aligner in the series.

Will Invisalign® Fit My Teeth?

Absolutely. 3D technology is not only more convenient than goopy molds, but the system we use is able to detect even the smallest characteristics of your teeth. Just to be sure, though, we check the fit when you come in to pick up your aligners.

Reviewing our Invisalign® FAQ is a great way to learn more about the treatment, but nothing is better than speaking with one of our orthodontists. Lineberger Orthodontics offers adult Invisalign® for the residents of Charlotte, Elizabeth, Huntersville and surrounding communities in North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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