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Conductor of a beautifully chaotic always changing symphony.. aka the business manager
Orthodontics in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Has the near impossible job of keeping Dr. Matt on budget
  • A 6th generation Unicorn (native Charlottean who resides in Charlotte)
  • Mom to 2 wonderful kiddos, 3 dogs, and a token bunny rabbit
  • If she isn’t business managing, she is probably cooking or traveling, or cooking while traveling, ideally
  • Obsessed with the Netflix smash hit Stranger Things


aka Do-Good Coordinator
Coordinator in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Creatively collaborates with local businesses and charities to help Lineberger Orthodontics raise up the local community
  • Speaks Spanish, English, and Mexican
  • Was hired at first because of her familial connection (and possible discounts) with an amazing food truck that serves awesome wings
  • Has tried to implement a 2-4pm siesta every day at the office, unsuccessfully thus far


The other smiling face that greets you at every appointment
Orthodontics in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Loves some pasta and pizza
  • Quite the crafter and baker
  • The only person to ever meet their future spouse playing ultimate Frisbee
  • High School State Champion volleyball player
  • Obsessed with board games, card games, and any other game she can beat you at


aka the Great Dance loving dancer and smiling face that greets you
Orthodontics in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Smiling patient educator and concierge by day, Charlotte Hornets Honeybee by night
  • Watches Home Alone 1 and 2 year round
  • Lived out of the country until 13 years old
  • Addicted to coffee


the first person you will talk to when joining the LO fam (aka new patient care coordinator)

Patient Care Coordinator in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Mother of 5, yes I said 5, kids!
  • Never had a bad hair day
  • This woman loves some jewelry
  • Dance moves like nobody’s business
  • Lives by the saying ‘Faith over everything! Stand for something or fall for anything’


aka The Money Gal aka Financial Coordinator
Financial Coordinator in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Second shortest in the office
  • Wonderful mother of 2 demanding fur babies)
  • A wine enthusiast (the beverage, not whine)
  • Famous saying.. “I just need one thing from Target..”
  • My life isn’t perfect, but my lashes are.


Treatment Coordinator
Treatment Coordinator in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Has been with her husband since 15 years old
  • Love to repurpose furniture
  • Loves to eat, total foodie
  • Has 5 kids!
  • Does not like ferrets, but then again, who does?


Treatment Coordinator
Treatment Coordinator in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Was the mother of 4 Lineberger Ortho patients which made her want to work with the Smile Squad
  • Idaho pig farmer, dance teacher, actress, and repeat spelling bee champion
  • Married to her 2nd grade boyfriend and they now have 4 awesome kiddos
  • Ideal place in life is a tennis court on the beach
  • Feels incomprehensible joy upon entering the Container Store


A Treatment Coordinator
Treatment Coordinator in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Has won many Employee of the Month Awards (self-proclaimed, we don’t really have this award)
  • Dr. Claire’s much cooler sister
  • Has been compared to Muhammed Ali in the ring
  • Lifetime Movie enthusiast and local pizza critic, killer combo
  • Die-hard Michigan State fan
  • Loves fly fishing out west


Fearless General of the Clinic
Fearless General of the Clinic in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Controls the beautiful chaos of our amazing clinic
  • Addicted to chapstick and cookies & cream ice cream, but only eats the ice cream
  • Loves the beach, almost as much as she loves Bravo TV
  • Lead instructor at the Orthodontic Program of the Lake Norman Dental Assisting School
  • Music is her therapy, but memorizing lyrics is not a strength
  • Banjo, a dog, not an instrument, is the golden retriever glued to her side


aka the one semi-quiet : person on our team assistant extraordinaire
Assistant in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Secretly drinks office coffee all day
  • If a TV show is uneducational, or actually takes away your intelligence by watching, she probably is viewing it on her DVR right. now.
  • Although she be but little, she is a foodie
  • Proud dog mom
  • She likes her beauty rest.. in her words, “it’s always bedtime”


aka the hippy sunshine assistant
Assistant in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Lovingly referred to as our office sunshine
  • When not gently pampering people’s grills, she can be found scaling mountains, doing yoga on the beach, and/or planting organic sunflowers
  • Not only an assistant she is also a patient, and pretty good one for that matter
  • Country clogging superstar
  • Addicted to spray tanning


aka the most gentle assistant in history
Assistant in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Came to Huntersville 12 years ago by way of South Bend, IN and Hurricane, WV
  • One of the few soft-spoken members on the team
  • 25 years of orthodontic experience
  • Married for 36 years to her awesome husband
  • Extremely proud of her 3 kids and 6 grandkids
  • Loves time with the fam, gardening, cooking, and beaching


aka the super positive ridiculously skilled assistant
kasey, lineberger orthodontics, charlotte, nc, Dr. Matt Lineberger

  • Hand skills of a vascular insect surgeon
  • So much positivity, she can make you see the rainbow on your rainiest days
  • Worships avocado
  • Beauty school dropout…. Just like the Grease song
  • Still sleeps with her blankie every night


aka Florida Gator and Maroon 5 lovin’ amazing assistant (Huntersville)
Assistant in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Veteran OG Lineberger Ortho assistant
  • Helps keep the clinic in a rockin’ and a rollin’, in order, and on time
  • Expert yogi, leads entire team every morning with a sun salute in the morning huddle
  • Literally obsessed with braces, to the point of weirdness
  • Avid Florida Gators fan, unfortunately
  • Not a person that values silence (aka she is rather loud)


Bilingual, fast-walking, high-energy, Invisalign specialist assistant
Invisalign Specialist Assistant in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • PURA VIDA! Originally from Costa Rica (an awesome translator for us)
  • Obsessed with sticky notes
  • Loves dancing and volleyball
  • Lives by the T Swift quote ‘No matter what happens in life, be good to people’
  • A beacon of positive energy


aka Queen of the Lab
Orthodontics in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC

  • Day 1 Lineberger Ortho team member
  • Tough love, no nonsense, no beatin’-around-the-bush mentor for all the young buck millennials on the squad
  • Tennessee-born, Rocky-Top-Singin’ Volunteer
  • She is to orthodontic appliance fabrication what Van Gogh was to art
  • Married to a [email protected]$% Army Lieutenant Colonel and has called many places home, from Alaska to Germany
  • Loves spending time with her 2 kids and 4 grandkids
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