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Permanent retainers are bonded to your teeth after braces. At Lineberger Orthodontics, Dr. Matt Lineberger, Dr. Megan Lineberger, Dr. Claire Fedore and Dr. Bhaven Sayania, offer permanent retainers for the residents of Charlotte, Elizabeth, Huntersville and surrounding communities in North Carolina.

What are Permanent Retainers?

Permanent retainers are appliances bonded to your teeth after your braces are removed. But why do you need a retainer? Even though your braces have repositioned your teeth, the bone is constantly changing. This means your teeth move throughout your lifetime. A permanent retainer is used to hold the teeth in place until the bone forms around the roots. Also known as a lingual retainer, this type of retainer is more long-term than permanent. We can remove it when we feel confident your teeth will not shift.

What are the Benefits of Permanent Retainers?

  • Used for only one to two years
  • Bonded to the teeth
  • Protects tooth position
  • Reduces the risk of losing or breaking the retainer
  • Ensures proper fit and position on the teeth

How Does a Bonded Retainer Work?

We take a mold of your upper and lower teeth, and the mold is used to create the retainer. The retainer is made of plastic or another material and wires. We use dental bond to adhere the lingual retainer to your teeth.

What Can Be Corrected with a Permanent Retainer?

Bonded retainers are preventive measures to keep your teeth in place after your braces are taken off or after you complete the series of Invisalign® aligners.

What Should I Expect from My Bonded Retainer?

Taking care of your permanent retainer is easy! You will need to floss under the wire, and this is best done with a floss threader that holds the floss. We may also recommend a Waterpik to help clean between the teeth. Lingual retainers do have some food restrictions because they cannot be removed. Chewing hard foods can bend the wire and break the plastic.

How Much Does a Permanent Retainer Cost?

Because bonded retainers are custom-fit, the cost varies, but we want you to feel confident that you can afford the cost. Our Treatment Coordinator discusses the cost of your bonded retainer during your appointment, and we offer in-house financing [LINK].

Does Insurance Cover My Bonded Retainer?

If you have orthodontic benefits under your dental insurance, the bonded retainer should be covered.

We may recommend a permanent retainer as part of your treatment. Lineberger Orthodontics offers permanent retainers for the residents of Charlotte, Elizabeth, Huntersville and surrounding communities in North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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