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Meet Dr. Bhaven “B” Sayania

Dr. Bhaven “B” Sayania grew up on the “loveliest village on the plains,” Auburn Alabama where he attended Auburn University.

He then moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend the prestigious University of Pennsylvania for dental school where he not only graduated with honors, but learned how to use chopsticks and became obsessed with his bicycle. After completing his orthodontic residency there, Dr. B decided to come back to his southern roots and follow his favorite fellow Auburn Tiger, Cam Newton to the Charlotte area. Outside of chasing the snaggletooth, Dr. B can also give consultations on sneakers and iced coffee both for which he has an obsession for.

Want to Know More About Dr. Bhaven?

Yes, yes you do…

  • His stardom started in 1990 when the young 2 year old Dr. B won the 1990 Piggly Wiggly Baby Pageant Winner in Butler, Alabama.
  • 20 years later, he was featured in commercials (Nationally televised) and numerous magazines and pamphlets for Auburn University.
  • He is a passionate tennis player and a fanatic cyclist.
  • He also has a sneaker obsession like Dr. Matt, and thinks the prettiest thing you can wear is your smile.

Academics & Awards

  • Auburn University – Major: Biomedical Sciences
  • University of Pennsylvania – Dental School
  • University of Pennsylvania – Orthodontic Residency, Masters in Oral Biology
  • First Author in the The Angle Orthodontics Journal publication: Changes in the buccolingual inclination of the maxillary and mandibular first molars with growth in untreated male and female subjects.
  • Wrote a super long Masters thesis on how to make bone, hopefully used for cleft palates and craniofacial defects one day.
  • 2018 Thomas Graber Research Award: For his complicated masters research project about bone making

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