3 Signs You May Need Braces

Posted on September 21, 2022


Since braces are typically used to straighten crooked teeth, they can be a highly valuable tool for anyone, no matter your age or background. While the process of straightening one’s smile can be considered by some to be inconvenient and/or pricey, it’s beyond worth it because, in the end, the result is a beautiful and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Have you ever wondered to yourself if you could benefit from braces? Read on to see three signs that you may be a great braces candidate.

1. Your Teeth Are Visibly Crooked or Crowded

If you can see that your teeth are overly crowded inside your mouth, this is a sure sign that you need braces. Crowded teeth are generally hard to take good care of because they make it difficult to brush well and floss. The same goes for teeth that appear crooked. With uneven teeth, you may have trouble speaking and chewing because your teeth may get in the way. You can remedy any and all of these oral health issues with the use of braces regardless of your age, so it’s crucial to schedule a smile consult with a reputable orthodontist in your area- and here at Lineberger Orthodontics, we order 100% FREE initial Smile Consults!

2. Your Jaws Make Noises When You Move Them

The second sign that may help you answer the question of knowing if you need braces is if you can hear audible sounds and clicks when you move your jaw. This is most common when you first wake up or when you are chewing food. It’s an indication that your teeth and jaw are not in the right position, something that wearing braces will correct. If this is an issue you deal with, head to a reputable orthodontist and have them assess your smile to determine the best way forward.

3. You Have an Uneven Bite

The third obvious sign that you could definitely benefit from braces treatment is if your bite is uneven when you close your mouth. This may be an overbite, an underbite, or an uneven bite that recedes in some places and protrudes in others. All of these may affect your ability to eat and speak to some degree, making it wise to head to a reputable local orthodontist to help you align your bite.

According to studies, 45% of people need braces to treat functional orthodontic health problems. An even bigger number than this may have hidden, less obvious problems that require orthodontic treatment to avoid oral health problems down the road. If you have any physical or aesthetic concerns about your smile that leave you asking yourself “How do I know if I need braces?”, simply schedule a FREE Smile Consult with the Smile Squad at Lineberger Orthodontics at our Huntersville, Charlotte, or Mooresville location today!