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Orthodontic Emergencies

Yo, are Orthodontic emergencies a thing?

True orthodontic emergencies are like super rare, but no biggie. HOWEVER…if you err on the side of being unlucky, it’s okay, we got you! Just call our office and we will freeze time to help you get it straightened out. Typically, we can talk you through it all over the phone.

Discomfort is totally normal

Yes, it is totally normal to have some discomfort or pain during the first week of starting Invisalign or getting braces. Our bracket system rocks and uses almost non-existent force with non-tightening technology that you and your teeth will enjoy throughout treatment. We are aware that everyone in our patient fam responds differently to pain, and we love you all the same! Ibupropen or other non-aspirin pain relievers can help you while you are adjusting to your new metal mouth swag or Invizzy attachments. In addition, if you have jaw pain, using a warm washcloth or compress will totally help! Last but not least, please don’t underestimate that little plastic container of wax in your start packet. If a thing in the orthodontic world could become your BFF, it is WAX! Put it anywhere and everywhere, and if you run out, we have a limitless supply in any of our smile shops waiting for you! See, just like a BFF.

Loose brackets and poky wires are a bummer

Soooo, what happens if you do end up getting a broken bracket, or an annoying wire that drives you CRA-ZAY?? First, do not freak out. You can use a cotton swab or an eraser to move the wire out of the way. If the wire still won’t budge, remember you can always rely on your BFF (aka wax) to cover it temporarily until we can fix it for you. If it is so annoying that it is ruining your day, and you really need to cut the wire, you can use fingernail clippers, but PLEASE wash them AND sterilize them with alcohol before you put them in your mouth.

If you lose a baby tooth that has a bracket on it, don’t panic! You can slide it off the wire at home (sometimes the wire needs to be clipped first) and give the office a call during business hours and we will get you fixed up!

Separators have nothing on us

One thing that actually IS a common occurrence in orthodontics is to lose a separator. If you lose a separator, it is totally fine. Simply call our office and we will let you know if it needs to be replaced.