Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


AKA Do-Good Coordinator

  • Creatively collaborates with local businesses and charities to help Lineberger Orthodontics raise up the local community
  • Speaks Spanish, English, and Mexican
  • Was hired at first because of her familial connection (and possible discounts) with an amazing food truck that serves awesome tacos
  • Has tried to implement a 2-4pm siesta every day at the office, unsuccessfully thus far


The other smiling face that greets you at every appointment

  • Loves some pasta and pizza
  • Quite the crafter and baker
  • The only person to ever meet their future spouse playing ultimate Frisbee
  • High School State Champion volleyball player
  • Obsessed with board games, card games, and any other game she can beat you at


AKA the great dance loving dancer and TC assist

  • Smiling patient educator and concierge by day, Charlotte Hornets Honeybee by night
  • Watches Home Alone 1 and 2 year round
  • Lived out of the country until 13 years old
  • Addicted to coffee


AKA The Money Gal aka Financial Coordinator

  • Second shortest in the office
  • Wonderful mother of 2 demanding fur babies
  • A wine enthusiast (the beverage, not whine)
  • Famous saying.. “I just need one thing from Target..”
  • My life isn’t perfect, but my lashes are.


Beacon of Positive Vibes AKA Office Manager

  • Don’t call her Patty without remembering to duck
  • Married to her hubby for 25 years…refers to him as delish
  • 5 wonderful children, 4 are already adults and conquering the world
  • Began as a patient’s mom…loved LO so much she applied…and the rest is history
  • Lives on a farm with cows, pigs and other livestock-ish type roommates
  • Mantra: above all else, be happy


Treatment Coordinator

  • Has won many Employee of the Month Awards (self-proclaimed, we don’t really have this award)
  • Dr. Claire’s much cooler sister
  • Has been compared to Muhammed Ali in the ring
  • Lifetime Movie enthusiast and local pizza critic, killer combo
  • Die-hard Michigan State fan
  • Loves fly fishing out west


Fearless General of the Clinic

  • Controls the beautiful chaos of our amazing clinic
  • Loves the beach, almost as much as she loves Bravo TV
  • Lead instructor of the Orthodontic program at the Lake Norman Dental assisting school
  • Music is her therapy, but memorizing lyrics is not a strength
  • Banjo, a dog, not an instrument, is the golden retriever glued to her side


AKA the one semi-quiet person on our team assistant extraordinaire

  • Secretly drinks office coffee all day
  • If a TV show is uneducational, or actually takes away your intelligence by watching, she probably is viewing it on her DVR right. now.
  • Although she be but little, she is a foodie
  • Proud dog mom
  • She likes her beauty rest.. in her words, “it’s always bedtime”


AKA the hippy sunshine assistant

  • Lovingly referred to as our office sunshine
  • When not gently pampering people’s grills, she can be found scaling mountains, doing yoga on the beach, and/or planting organic sunflowers
  • Not only an assistant she is also a patient, and pretty good one for that matter
  • Country clogging superstar
  • Addicted to spray tanning


AKA the most gentle assistant in history

  • Came to Huntersville 12 years ago by way of South Bend, IN and Hurricane, WV
  • One of the few soft-spoken members on the team
  • 25 years of orthodontic experience
  • Married for 36 years to her awesome husband
  • Extremely proud of her 3 kids and 6 grandkids
  • Loves time with the fam, gardening, cooking, and beaching


AKA the super positive ridiculously skilled assistant

  • Hand skills of a vascular insect surgeon
  • So much positivity, she can make you see the rainbow on your rainiest days
  • Worships avocado
  • Beauty school dropout…. Just like the Grease song
  • Helps keep the clinic in a rockin’ and a rollin’, in order, and on time


AKA Florida Gator and Maroon 5 lovin’ amazing assistant

  • Veteran OG Lineberger Ortho assistant
  • Expert yogi, leads entire team every morning with a sun salute in the morning huddle
  • Literally obsessed with braces, to the point of weirdness
  • Avid Florida Gators fan, unfortunately
  • Not a person that values silence (aka she is rather loud)


AKA one of our rare employees who understands what a ‘library voice’ is

  • Married to fabulous husband Chris, but her true love is her golden doodle Charlie
  • Total lake gal from a total lake fam who like to spend lots of time on the lake
  • Loves to shop with friends, loves to shop with her husband, and when by herself both at home or on break at work. Basically just loves to shop, period.
  • Loves to travel


AKA the small genius behind the camera lens (she takes the records)

  • Used to be a rookie, now a vet
  • Spanish speaking super star
  • The Muggsy Bogues of volleyball
  • Her mundo is comprised of her dog and her hubby
  • Loves the outdoors and cosmetology (you can still look fabulous while camping guys


Specialist in tooth moving operations management aka an awesome assistant

  • Born in New Hampshire… snow much fun.
  • Please forgive her for being a Patriots fan
  • Sassy daughter Aspen keeps her on her toes
  • Grew up around racing and always has that need for speed
  • Movie buff. Especially those that involve Tom Hardy…. What???! He’s a great actor!!


Sterilization Expert (when it comes to the clinic, not animals nor humans)

  • Loves livermush which we found interesting
  • True southern belle who likes to think she is funny and is always making people smile
  • If the movies doesn’t make her cry, she is not going to like it
  • Youngest of 5 siblings…. Has some interesting accents and other comedic material to help stand out
  • Does not play sports, but Netflixes like a champ

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