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Meet Our Team


Chief Office Manager

  • Married to her hubby for 25 years…refers to him as delish
  • 5 wonderful children, 4 are already adults and conquering the world
  • Began as a patient’s momloved LO so much she applied…and the rest is history
  • Lives on a farm with cows, pigs and other livestock-ish type roommates
  • Mantra: above all else, be happy


Office manager & Treatment coordinator Charlotte

  • Has won many Employee of the Month Awards (self-proclaimed, we don’t really have this award)
  • Dr. Claire’s much cooler sister
  • Has been compared to Muhammed Ali in the ring
  • Lifetime Movie enthusiast and local pizza critic, killer combo
  • Die-hard Michigan State fan
  • Loves fly fishing out west


Clinical Manager

  • Secretly drinks office coffee all day
  • If a TV show is uneducational, or actually takes away your intelligence by watching, she probably is viewing it on her DVR right. now.
  • Although she be but little, she is a foodie
  • Proud dog mom
  • She likes her beauty rest.. in her words, “it’s always bedtime”


Clinic Lead Charlotte

  • Born in New Hampshiresnow much fun.
  • Please forgive her for being a Patriots fan
  • Sassy daughter Aspen keeps her on her toes
  • Grew up around racing and always has that need for speed
  • Movie buff. Especially those that involve Tom Hardy…. What???! He’s a great actor!!


Clinic Lead Huntersville

  • Used to be a rookie, now a vet
  • Spanish speaking superstar
  • The Muggsy Bogues of volleyball
  • Her mundo is comprised of her dog and her hubby
  • Loves the outdoors and cosmetology (you can still look fabulous while camping guys)


AKA Clinical Assistant

  • Lover of all things NASCAR and soccer
  • Has seen all the Star Wars movies more than a few times… biggest fan, she is
    New mama to one seriously cute baby
  • Bilingual


Marketing Coordinator

  • Creatively collaborates with local businesses and charities to help Lineberger Orthodontics raise up the local community
  • Speaks Spanish, English, and Mexican
  • Was hired at first because of her familial connection (and possible discounts) with an amazing food truck that serves awesome tacos
  • Has tried to implement a 2-4pm siesta every day at the office, unsuccessfully thus far


AKA New patient coordinator extraordinaire

  • Fur baby mama of two dogs – Blanket and Penelope
  • Her bf Josh converted her to a VT fan – went to almost every football game last year
  • Addicted to coffee
  • Magical unicorn Charlottean, born and raised
  • Loves a good game night with friends – claims to be a charades master


AKA Lab Technician

  • Originally from Canada, aye
  • Speaks French
  • Has one child who is the light of her life
  • Moved here in 2002 from NY
  • Loves cooking, motorcycle riding, yoga, dancing + traveling


Financial Coordinator

  • Loves some pasta and pizza
  • Quite the crafter and baker
  • The only person to ever meet their future spouse playing ultimate Frisbee
  • High School State Champion volleyball player
  • Obsessed with board games, card games, and any other game she can beat you at


AKA the great dance loving smiling patient educator

  • Danced for the Charlotte Hornets as a Honeybee for five years. We’re still trying to convince her to dance on our TikTok.
  • Watches Home Alone 1 and 2 year round
  • Lived out of the country until 13 years old
  • Addicted to coffee
  • Certified dog mama to a lab corgi mix, Sir Beau


AKA The Money Gal aka Financial Coordinator

  • Wonderful mother of 2 demanding fur babies
  • A wine enthusiast (the beverage, not whine)
  • Famous saying.. “I just need one thing from Target..”
  • My life isn’t perfect, but my lashes are.


AKA the most gentle assistant in history

  • Came to Huntersville 12 years ago by way of South Bend, IN and Hurricane, WV
  • One of the few soft-spoken members on the team
  • 25 years of orthodontic experience
  • Married for 36 years to her awesome husband
  • Extremely proud of her 3 kids and 6 grandkids
  • Loves time with the fam, gardening, cooking, and beaching


AKA TC Assistant, AAKA the genius behind the camera lens (she takes the records)

  • Still jams to her iPod Nano
  • Loves new food and trying new things
  • Favorite drink: shirley temple
  • Karaoke enthusiast
  • Youngest of three, loves spending time with family


AKA the super positive ridiculously skilled assistant

  • Hand skills of a vascular insect surgeon
  • So much positivity, she can make you see the rainbow on your rainiest days
  • Worships avocado
  • Beauty school dropout…. Just like the Grease song


AKA Florida Gator and Maroon 5 lovin’ amazing assistant

  • Veteran OG assistant
  • Expert yogi, leads entire team every morning with a sun salute in the morning huddle
  • Literally obsessed with braces, to the point of weirdness
  • Avid Florida Gators fan, unfortunately
  • Not a person that values silence (aka she is rather loud)


AKA Invisalign assistant

  • Loves livermush which we found interesting
  • True southern belle who likes to think she is funny and is always making people smile
  • If the movies doesn’t make her cry, she is not going to like it
  • Youngest of 5 siblings…. Has some interesting accents and other comedic material to help stand out
  • Does not play sports, but Netflixes like a champ


AKA the happiest person on earth

  • Actually belches glitter and rainbows.
  • Her chirpy moods are brought to you by coffee in partnership with a shot of espresso.
  • Speaks English, Spanish, and Spanglish.
  • Mom of two amazing fur babies.
  • One of the shortest in the office.


AKA Treatment Coordinator

  • Married to fabulous husband Chris, but her true love is her goldendoodle, Charlie
  • Total lake gal from a total lake fam who like to spend lots of time on the lake
  • Loves to shop with friends, loves to shop with her husband, and when by herself both at home or on break at work. Basically just loves to shop, period.


AKA TC Assistant, AAKA the genius behind the camera lens (she takes the records)

  • Former patient and loved her experience so much she joined the SmileSquad full time!
  • Has four kiddos who sometimes behave themselves, but generally are into all kinds of shenanigans and fighting like cats and dogs
  • Married to a ridiculously good looking man who makes her laugh everyday and has shockingly put up with her for 18 years
  • At 9pm on weekdays, she’s in bed crocheting an afghan, but parties hard on the weekends at the movies and soccer games

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