types of braces

Are You Worried About Your Child Missing School Due to Braces?

Posted on April 8, 2024

types of braces

Getting your child braces can feel like an inconvenient interruption to their education. Between understanding adjustment timelines, finding an accommodating orthodontist, and planning appointments accordingly, you can ensure braces have minimal impact on school attendance. Here are the best ways to make sure your children are getting the most out of their education and braces.

Managing Treatment Frequency

One of the first things to understand is the different types of braces and how they affect appointment frequency. There are traditional metal braces that use brackets and wires to shift teeth into place. While effective, these require monthly visits to tighten wires and check progress. Clear ceramic braces are less noticeable but have similar adjustment needs. Types of braces like Invisalign use a series of clear tray aligners that are changed out every two to four weeks, allowing for less frequent orthodontist visits. Knowing which option best suits your child’s needs makes planning appointments easier.

Coordinating Check-Up Appointments

Regardless of which type of braces are chosen, appointments and minor adjustments will be necessary throughout treatment to ensure teeth shift properly into alignment. During the first six months when major tooth movements occur, monthly visits are common. Later adjustments may only require six to eight-week intervals. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, appointments to adjust braces, or pick up a new set of aligners scheduled every six to 10 weeks are usually short. Keeping a flexible schedule and notifying your child’s school ahead of time allows these check-ups without excessive missed classroom time.

Finding an Accommodating Orthodontist

When researching local orthodontic offices, look for one that offers accommodating office hours. Many provide early morning, evening, or Saturday appointments, so you can book around the school schedule. Ask if they notify your child’s attendance office directly when appointments are made, keeping their absences officially excused. Some orthodontists even align office hours to coordinate with school holidays and half days. Taking advantage of these conveniences goes a long way toward minimizing missed classes.

While braces often mean a time commitment, look positively toward the boosted confidence your child will feel when treatment is complete. By understanding the types of braces adjustment needs, finding a flexible orthodontist, and planning accordingly, they can complete this transitional period with minimal school disruption and the brightest smile! Committing to their dental health now clears the path to educational success. Schedule an appointment with Lineberger Orthodontics for a consultation with your child who may need braces.