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How to Prepare Your Child for Metal Braces

Posted on November 11, 2021

metal braces

The moment has arrived- it’s officially time for your child to be fitted for their new braces! There are a lot of advantages to treating orthodontic issues with metal braces, ones that go beyond the cosmetic benefits of straightening teeth. Braces can also help correct bite issues that can be linked to jaw pain, difficulties with chewing, and even difficulties with breathing. Despite all of these benefits, the thought of getting metal braces can be challenging for some kids. They’re can sometimes be anxious that their braces will make them feel self-conscious about their appearance, or nervous about any perceived discomfort that could come with having them initially applied. In addition to any pre-braces jitters, it’s important to note that metal braces need to be cared for; and with the average person wearing them for about two years, it’s important that your child is properly prepared for them in advance with a full understanding of the basics on how to adequately care for them.

But have no fear- Lineberger Orthodontics is here with some simple tips on the best way to prep with your child ahead of their appointment so they can go into their journey with metal braces confidently, fearlessly, & ready to rock their heavy metal throughout treatment!

1. Start With An Open, Honest Conversation

While you know that braces are temporary and your child will get used to them quickly and easily, it’s totally normal for them to have a few fears and anxieties about the process ahead of time. A big reason why children sometimes have concerns about getting braces is that the process hasn’t been openly discussed or explained to them in full, Along with ensuring you speak with your orthodontist and your child ahead of starting treatment to ensure that your child gets any questions they have answered by the expert, you should also make a point to have a heart-to-heart about any emotional anxieties they might be having about braces ahead of treatment and address any nagging concerns they might have. Some key things to highlight are how quickly treatment goes by (particularly if they’re awesome about caring for their metal braces throughout!), the cool technologies that are available to make your child’s braces customized to fit their personality (like colored bands and brackets- kids are ALL ABOUT the gold braces & rainbow bands trends!) and most importantly, the CONFIDENCE & PRIDE they will feel in their new smile following treatment!

2. Buy Braces-Friendly Food

After your child gets their braces applied for the first time, they will likely experience some temporary soreness and achiness around their gums and teeth. To score points in the awesome parent category, we recommend stocking up on soft food that will be easy for them to eat during that time, like oatmeal, jell-o, and pudding. Ask them about what they would like most, and try to cater to their wants.

3. Help Them Care For Their Braces

As mentioned before, the better your child is about caring for their braces, the quicker and more seamless their treatment experience will be! Particularly at the beginning of treatment while your child is still getting used to treatment, serve as a resource and reminder about important metal braces care techniques like brushing and flossing after every meal, avoiding overly sticky or hard foods, and other key instructions provided by your orthodontic team to set your child up for smile success!

4. Be Their Biggest Cheerleader!

When the opportunity arises, bolster your child’s confidence in their appearance and their commitment to their smile/oral health whenever possible! Complimenting them on their shiny smile, acknowledging how cool their bracket or band color selection is, and rewarding them for taking great care of the investment you’ve made in their smile will boost their self-esteem and encourage them throughout treatment!

If you follow these simple steps, we guarantee your child’s metal braces experience will be an absolute breeze- and as always, the LO team is here to help with any other questions you may have or concerns that may arise! Ready to set your child’s smile up for success with metal braces or Invisalign? Give us a call today at 704.892.3300 to get started!