Is My Child a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Posted on February 2, 2022


So, it turns out that just like millions of other kids in the good old US of A, your child needs braces. Congrats on this parenting milestone! While it’s certainly not a good idea to ignore or put off that need, the beauty of orthodontic progress is that you also don’t necessarily have to go with the traditional metal braces route like the days of old. There is another option that is oftentimes more appealing to self-conscious kids: invisible braces, otherwise known as Invisalign. Invisalign is functionally no different than standard braces. It typically does not take much (if at all) longer to complete treatment than metal braces, and they produce the same high-quality results. Most importantly, they offer the benefit of discretion. These clear aligners are practically invisible to the naked eye, which means that your child can take photos, attend events, and rock on in their day-to-day activities without feeling like attention is being called to their smile.
While Invisalign was originally developed for adults who were self-conscious about sporting braces later in life, children are requesting them more and more often now. As you know, kids can feel hyper self-conscious about anything that makes them feel “different”, & invisible braces allow them to get the treatment that they need without it being noticeable. As attractive as the idea of Invisalign might be to your child, the only question remaining would be, is your child a good candidate for Invisalign? Let’s find out below.

What Type of Orthodontic Issues Does Your Child Have?

As mentioned above, orthodontic issues are not uncommon for children. In fact, according to Wong Dental, between 25% and 50% of all children will need some sort of orthodontic work throughout their life. Invisible braces are not necessarily the right treatment for all orthodontic issues. Some children’s orthodontic problems are severe enough that they aren’t a candidate for braces at all, with issues that require more intense orthodontic gear. Others may be recommended outright oral surgery.

Sometimes, orthodontists require traditional metal braces because they need to continuously change the brackets and wires. This is sometimes necessary when braces are used to shift the teeth in preparation for dental implants or other forms of oral surgery. In this case, Invisalign may not be the right option. Invisalign comes in the form of trays, and therefore they’re not quite as easily adjustable, so more complex cases may benefit more from braces. However, the good news is that the majority of orthodontic issues can be treated and resolved with ease using Invisalign. Your orthodontist will be able to provide an in-depth review of your child’s specific needs & a recommended treatment plan following an orthodontic consultation.

Is Your Child Responsible?

A key reason why Invisalign used to be more focused on adult treatment is that Invisalign requires a certain level of personal responsibility in order to achieve desired results. Invisalign aligners are meant to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day; however, they cannot be worn while you eat. So, a child would need to remember to take their Invisalign off for snacks and meals, then put them back on, and be vigilant about keeping them in for the required amount of time daily. They must also be cleaned separately from your teeth. Additionally, all of your child’s adult teeth must have erupted to be a candidate for Invisalign, so very young children aren’t typically able to be treated this way. Discuss these things with your child before you agree to get them Invisalign to ensure that they’re ready for the responsibility. If they are, the vast benefits of Invisalign will definitely be worth the bit of additional effort!

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