good colors for braces

What Are Some Good Colors for Braces?

Posted on January 17, 2023

good colors for braces

Who says braces should be boring? Not the Lineberger Ortho team, that’s fa sho! There are some awesome colors available for braces that will help you to accessorize your look & rock a metal mouth that accentuates your unique personality & individual sense of style! Because here at Lineberger Orthodontics, we liveeee to keep it interesting. So, how do you pick good colors for braces that work for you? Here are some tips for choosing colored braces that will keep you smiling from ear to ear!

1. Compliment Your Skin Tone

You can choose brace colors based on your skin tone that help bring out the beautiful tone that makes you unique! Complementary colors for braces for people with olive or dark skin tones are gold, navy, violet, or turquoise. If you have a lighter skin tone, it looks great when you opt for pink, silver, lilac, light blue, or pale pink. These shades, when matched with the corresponding skin tone, will enhance & bring out the shade of your skin.

2. Have Fun with Color

According to the American Orthodontic Association, most people wear braces for about two years. If you are going to have braces for two years, you should definitely have as much fun with them as possible, right?! You can choose from a wide range of colors that you are into. We encourage you to above all, mix & match & pick out shades that make you happy & bring out your playful side. A happy smile is a beautiful smile!

3. Show Your Spirit

Show off your school spirit with your smile! You can use a combination of colors to display your school pride with every grin. The options don’t just end with repping your school, though- you can also consider representing your favorite college or major league sports team by choosing their colors to rock! If you want to make a statement about something that matters to you, consider choosing a color representing your favorite cause (like black for Black Lives Matter or pink for Breast Cancer Awareness).

4. Get Festive

How fun would green and red braces be for Christmas? Or what about red, white, and blue for the summer to show off your patriotic side for July 4th? You can change the colors of your braces to suit anything, including the season. It will you’re your braces more fun to wear and keep you on your toes & engaged with your treatment!

There is only one color you should avoid when possible; white. White braces can make your teeth look less polished by showing up starkly against the natural color of your tooth. Remember, braces never need to be boring! You can make the best of wearing braces by choosing fun colors that match your personality & show your uniqueness off to the world. Are you ready to rock your most colorful smile?! Call or text 704.892.3300 today to schedule a FREE Smile Consult with the fun & fabulous Smile Squad at Lineberger Orthodontics!