What to Know Before Your Child’s First Orthodontist Appointment

Posted on October 3, 2022


It is necessary for a child to visit an orthodontist at a young age. This should be done when they begin losing their baby teeth. Visiting an orthodontist helps to stay on top of and proactively address any potential issues that might arise with their oral health as their teeth grow and move throughout adolescence. An orthodontist will be one of the key physicians they’ll meet with often in their lives, so it’s important to book their first consultation early. This is especially true if your child needs braces. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that this initial visit should take place before the child is seven years old. There are a few important facts that one needs to know before their child’s first visit to the orthodontist.

Preparation Is Everything

Just like any other first occasion, preparing ahead leads to the optimal outcome! Before your visit, your child should know why they’re going to the orthodontist’s office and why it’s important for their smile to answer any questions and ease any anxiety. Mentally preparing your child about what orthodontic treatment is and the possibility of them needing it in the future can reduce their anxiety and help them to feel proactive about caring for their smile, setting them up for an awesome relationship with their orthodontist!

Share With Your Child What to Expect

Make sure that your child doesn’t feel taken off guard during the visit by giving them a brief overview of what to expect during the process. Your child will not receive braces on the first visit. You can provide highlights that will make them feel more at ease by explaining ahead of time that the process will begin with an oral examination with X-rays to follow in order to see the location of any teeth growing under the gums. Your orthodontist will take over from there to share information and ask any questions during the appointment about the instruments being used, recommended treatment plan and its expected treatment time, and any other additional details you and your child have questions about.

Introduce Your Child to Your Orthodontist

First impressions are so important for kids! Make sure that you do your part to create a good first impression for your child at their appointment, as how they feel at that appointment will inform the way they approach any needed treatment in the future! Help to break the ice by supporting the conversation between your child and your orthodontist, sharing with your child that they have trained for several extra years to be able to diagnose orthodontic issues that may arise over the years. Show that you trust their expertise and recommendations so that your child will, too!

Depending on the unique needs of your child’s smile, your orthodontist may become a very important fixture in your little one’s life throughout their teenage years! If your child needs braces, they will be seeing the orthodontist frequently. It is important to make that first appointment interesting and memorable. Help the orthodontist strike a good note with your child as it will help them in building their most beautiful, confident smile in the years to come. Lineberger Orthodontics is here to be the bridge that builds that gap for you and your family- to schedule your child’s FREE Smile Consult, call 704.892.3300 today!