Why More People Are Gravitating Towards Invisalign

Posted on April 3, 2023

Kids and teens aren’t the only ones who need braces- as Dr. L & the team will tell anyone who will listen (forreal, please reserve us a mountaintop), you are NEVER too old to get the smile you & your health deserve! However, as an adult, having braces can be an unwanted necessity- most folks aren’t jumping for joy at the thought of rocking a metal mouth at their next big board meeting presentation! Luckily, there are amazing orthodontic treatment alternatives to braces. Invisalign, sometimes known as “invisible braces” are an awesome and super convenient, subtle option for most patients! These stealth-mode aligners are a perfect solution for eligible patients. Here are the top reasons people choose clear aligners/invisible braces.


According to Healthline, the length of time patients wear braces varies depending on the issue, but the average duration is about two years. During this time, the metal of traditional braces can sometimes cause skin abrasions and irritate your gums. Clear aligners take this pesky problem completely out of the equation! Clear aligners are made of a thin plastic tray that will slowly move your teeth over time. They will provide you with the same results as braces without the hassle of any type of discomfort. Additionally, the clear aligners are entirely removable at any point. Braces adhere to your teeth, but with clear aligners, if you are experiencing discomfort or need to take them off (for a bit!) for any reason, you can easily remove them at any point.


Taking great care of your teeth shouldn’t be a pain in the behind, but traditional braces can make it a little tiresome. Patients often struggle to brush or floss properly with pieces of metal affixed to their teeth. Sure, metal braces are extremely effective, but if you’re having trouble keeping your mouth clean, that’s no bueno. With invisible braces, you can remove them to eat, and then you can keep them off until your teeth are clean once again. Their removability gives you unobstructed access to your mouth, so you can keep those pearlies white while kicking butt at preventing cavities. No gymnastics are required to get a piece of floss between your teeth- hallelujah!


The number one reason people choose clear aligners, aka invisible braces, is because of HOW THEY LOOK- which is like you’re wearing nothing at all! Metal braces are da bomb, but they’re kind of hard to hide. Known for being clear and simple, invisible braces usually go completely unnoticed by others. Want to snap a selfie? No worries. Invisible braces let you look your best while you’re correcting your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Many people are able to choose clear aligners for their corrective needs! Ready to get your best smile underway while keeping it under wraps with invisible braces? Give Lineberger Orthodontics a shout today to get your FREE Smile Consult on the books!