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Patient Rewards for Orthodontic Treatment

Wait! What? There’s rewards? Yes, indeedy, we offer a Patient Rewards Program. At Lineberger Orthodontics, Dr. Matt Lineberger, Dr. Megan Lineberger, Dr. David Pearson and Dr. Claire Fedore offer patient rewards for our younger patients who live in Charlotte, Huntersville, Mooresville, and the surrounding communities in North Carolina.

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What is the Patient Rewards Program?

Our Patient Rewards Program has proven to help keep younger patients engaged with and excited about their orthodontic care. There are several ways to earn rewards, and you can redeem the rewards for some pretty nifty things!

Who is Eligible for the Patient Rewards Program?

We developed our Patient Rewards Program specifically for children and teenagers because they face so many challenges before and during their orthodontic treatment. The program promotes:

  • Learning good oral hygiene habits
  • Sticking to the requirements of orthodontic treatments
  • Getting good grades in school
  • Spreading the word about L.O. with one of our fashionable t-shirts
  • Using social media and our #smileon tag line to garner support from friends and family

How Do I Earn Rewards?

First, sign up for the program. All you need is an email address and password, or you can sign in with your Facebook account. You also need to review and complete some forms, such as:

  • Welcome to Our Rewards Program
  • Lineberger Ortho Rewards
  • Social Media Authorization
  • Refer a Friend
  • Dental Checkup Form
  • Community Service Verification
  • Dental School Health Invite

You earn points for completing certain tasks.

  • Referring a friend (500 Points)
  • Like our Facebook page (10 Points)
  • Follow us on Instagram (10 Points)
  • Checking in on Facebook at our practice (10 Points)
  • YouTube video about our office and/or wearing braces (50 Points)
  • Appointment on Birthday (25 Points)
  • Kids Club – Writing a story about how you lost your tooth (100 Points)
  • Kids Club – Each baby tooth lost (10 Points)
  • Graduation from Kids Club to active treatment (100 Points)
  • Kids Club – Providing written testimonial (50 Points)
  • Parent of a patient starting their own treatment (200 Points)
  • Invoice Paid in Full (150 Points)
  • Autodraft established for monthly payments (20 Points)
  • Provide updated patient info (10 Points)
  • Kids Club – Schedule your next appointment before leaving (5 Points)
  • Coordinate a school, Scouts, or PTA presentation (25 Points)
  • Kids Club – No cavities (50 Points)
  • Providing written testimonial (50 Points)
  • Dental Cleaning/Exam (10 Points)
  • New patient exam (10 Points)
  • Being on time for appointment (2 Points)
  • Excellent oral hygiene (2 Points)
  • Nothing loose or broken (2 Points)
  • Wearing appliance as instructed (2 Points)
  • New appliance placed (2 Points)
  • Wearing “Lineberger Gear” (10 Points)
  • Social media check in (50 Points)
  • Social Media interaction (50 Points)
  • Liking our practice on Facebook (100 Points)
  • Straight A’s on report card for 8 classes (400 Points)
  • Each A on your report card (5 Points)
  • Straight A’s on report card (125 Points)
  • Being spotted in the community wearing your Lineberger practice t-shirt (25 Points)
  • Patient celebrity photo or article (50 Points)
  • Troop Drive (100 Points)

We also give rewards for reviews.

  • Writing a review on our portal (50 Points)
  • Giving a rating on the portal (50 Points)
  • Sharing your review on Facebook (100 Points)
  • Writing a Google My Business Review (500 Points)
  • Writing a Yelp! Review (100 Points)
  • Writing a Healthgrades Review (100 Points)

How Do I Use the Rewards?

You can redeem your rewards for gift cards. Sign up with Lineberger Orthodontics today and start earning rewards for your orthodontic treatment in Charlotte, Huntersville, or Mooresville!