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Meet Dr. Claire Fedore

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Dr. Claire Fedore hails from East Lansing, MI, where her MSU-football-playing-all-star-dentist father got her in the teeth game early on.

Her tragic missing lateral incisor which was corrected via a magical orthodontic journey shifted her focus to the tooth-moving department of dentistry. From there, Dr. Claire did 11 straight years in Ann Arbor, MI and realized her dream of becoming an orthodontist. Widely recognized as the #1 draft pick in the class of 2016, Lineberger Ortho was eager to hire her fresh out of residency. An artistic eye for smile design, careful attention to detail, and an organized, systematic approach to efficient multi-disciplinary patient care, Dr. Claire brings a positive attitude and passion for enhancing smiles day in and day out.

Want to Know More About Dr. Claire?

  • A die-hard Michigan State Spartans fan, despite years spent as a Wolverine in Ann Arbor
  • Went sky-diving in Tanzania over Mt. Kilimanjaro and has future plans to climb it
  • Likes: skiing, fly fishing, Montana, Walloon Lake, coffee, crossword puzzles, musicals, reading, sending real cards (as opposed to digital or imaginary cards)
  • Extremely similar to Dr. Megan, which puts Dr. Matt in an interesting situation


  • University of Michigan – major: Environmental Chemicals and Disease
  • University of Michigan – Dental School (2013) and Orthodontics Residency Program (2016)
  • Practiced dentistry alongside her father before going back to orthodontics


  • First author in Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research publication: Analysis of polycaprolactone scaffolds fabricated via precision extrusion deposition for control of craniofacial tissue mineralization
  • Chief resident/president of her orthodontic residency program
  • Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society
  • More things to put, but figure you stopped reading at dental nerdery fact #1 or 2

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